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Student Reflections

While I Am Still makes me feel like there’s something more. Whether it’s more to the human body and soul, or more to the title, I don’t know, but I want to know more about it and understand it better.

The MRI scans were a very novel idea and I really like it. I love how well they’re placed and what kind of imagery they create.

I love that you incorporate nature and the human figure. It’s a beautiful combination.

I agree completely. Looking to others for inspiration is a great way to find an idea to work with.

Your work definitely inspires questions. I never thought “maybe the image doesn’t have to be in focus,” and that the beauty in an image can be blurry. It’s a nice change of pace and I really like the idea. It’s inspired me.


Weston Bennett



I think that it does communicate the work in a way that is understandable. The inspiration is explained, and the reasons why the artwork/photographs are made is clearly stated. Your aspects of  inspiration literally give me inspiration to find more intriguing inspiration.


Alexandra Jones


It communicates the work in an understandable manner. You find something and make it something completely different. You manipulate your images to make the viewer question what they think they see. Your work is genius. It is an amazingly interesting concept.I had never thought of photography and visual art with such depth. Thank you.


Celeste Marquez


Linda has shown a series of photography that incorporates science with photography. “While I Am Still” has shown an impact upon her viewers by portraying different scans and parts of the body that interlaces itself with nature. Linda has chosen this specific topic to show that first of all, it is possible to combine two different subjects together and by doing so, she has shown the human life that is stressed in her photos. There is a feeling of mystery, sadness, fragility, and beauty in all of the photos she has displayed in her exhibit and makes the viewer see life in a different light.  The artist has shown her statement well through her photos, especially through one of her biggest projects, “Just Breathe”. Some of the photos that she has shown show both fear and relaxation. What I have noticed in most of her photos is a bunch of overlay and muted colors or is grayscale. I find her work interesting and intriguing. She has helped me see life in an isolated view where the subject has went through life through a helpless situation that has shown how much we should value life and the simplicity behind it.


Mary Kim


I feel that this communicates the work very understandably. Right off  the bat it makes me want to experiment with these techniques and come up with something on my own. Human psyche is such a weird thing to understand and it’s truly captured in your work. Your artist statement even continues to inspire questions in my mind after coming to the exhibit.


Matt Hutchison


I do believe that the artist statements communicates the work in a proper and effective way. Her inspirations of using herself as the MRI subjects, allows for more of a close reflection to the art work. Her incorporation of linking her love of science and passion for photography really illustrates how she is able to link two different subjects, and create such an amazing photography photos. Her explanation of future imagery is one of the most stunning yet unique aspect of viewing it. By explaining how modern day materials and tool we have today, could soon transform the way we see the world has such a simple yet complex angle. Her mix emotions of being frighten and yet calm at the same time, is really how you know when something inspires you and drive you. That feeling of being scared, but yet completely calm because you have such a passion for photography, really shows you drive. Overall I feel Alterwiz statement clearly and passionately communicates her incorporations of science/technology with her love for photography.


Tyler Chau


I think that this statement is really good because I feel like I get a visual on your artwork through to your description. We can tell that your subject is science and you show through your words what your focus is. I really feel like this statement describe your work.   


Chanchai Manisi



I do think the artist’s statement communicates the work in a way that is understandable yet still open to self-interpretation. By explaining that she is trying to get rid of the cold, sterile connotation medical scans often have by compositing them with nature, I can get a better idea of what her art is supposed to represent. I also get a better understanding of why she does what she does and how. Her artist’s statement bridges the gap between photography and art. I responded to the series of works by gaining inspiration. Her art gave me some good ideas on how I should composit my own photography, such as inserting a break in a landscape. I also am beginning to think of my photography as art sometimes, instead of just documentation.


Lindsey McGuire


I feel that the artist statement reflects her the best. She explains her pieces well and it was really interesting. You really got to know her more based off of her statement. She does a good job of explaining what her pieces are and what she hopes they will cause. Her statement makes me understand the reasoning behind her photographs and more about why she’s fascinated with them. I had a really good time seeing your photos & getting questioned on them.


Brittany Moon



I would like to say that your artist statement does communicate your work in a way that is understandable, but I don’t think that understandable is the right word. I would rather say that it is interpretable. It’s not easy to understand what exactly you are trying to get across in every piece of this statement, but that’s just it; the point of art is to see it your own way, not to be told what you are supposed to see. When you talk about the MRI and using the fragility of our own bodies, it becomes inspirational in my own work, and it makes me extremely interested to learn more about your work. I thought that your work was amazing, especially how you were able to capture a moment in a breath. It was absolutely fantastic.


Tory Cattaneo



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