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Caroline Thuet

Riley Hughes

Abby Lords


     "This year I had the unique opportunity to be an intern for The Public Education Foundation with Mrs. Pavesich as my community partner. As part of my internship I also did some work for West Tech through Mrs. Semmler, the community partner consultant. I was able to create the Program webpage, edit counselors websites, and attend many school events representing the Photography Program. The main part of my internship, however, was running The Public Education Foundation gallery. Myself along with the other interns and Mrs. Pavesich, matted, framed, and hung four shows. We created labels and tags for all the pieces as we organized, packaged, un-packaged, and transported the pieces. It was a fantastic experience attending those galleries as I was able to meet some of the artists and photographer's, and talk to them about their work. Mrs. Pavesich also brought myself and the other interns to a SPE conference, where we worked and discussed with other photographer educators proper classroom techniques, and photography skills. It was very enlightening to watch Photoshop tutorials, and listen to tips and tricks that could be used in and outside of the classroom.
     I loved being an intern this year! It was hard work, but it taught me how to work in the creative field in a different way than I thought possible. It allowed me to grow as an individual and leader."
"This year I had the pleasure of being an intern for Mrs. Pavesich as well as the Public Education Foundation. This internship allowed me to put my unique set of skill (Matting, Framing, Organizing) to use. Throughout the year we put on many art galleries, showing work from students, teachers and alumni of CCSD. For these shows myself and my fellow interns, matted and framed pictures, created labels, organized artist statements and transported pieces, as well as hang the actual show. As interns, we were also able to attend the SPE conference at Red Rock. SPE is a large organization that brings together photographer, students and teachers, so we can learn new skills, new activities and make connections. In addition, we did some work fro West Tech, this includes creating a new website for the programs, working and updating on the photo departments website and speaking to incoming students. Being an intern requires a lot of dedication and time, but it was worth it. Through this internship, I have made great friends, learned new things and became best friends with Mrs.P. 

2015-2016 The Public Education Foundation Interns

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