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The Public Education Foundation Interns

Murray Hailey 20-21 Headshot_edited.jpg

Hailey Murray

I am very excited to have this opportunity  as a Public Education Foundation Intern this year. As a senior in the Digital Media Program I have take three years of photo and multiple Graphic Design classes. I am looking forward to building onto my already developed skills and learning new techniques and skills to better myself.  

Megan Jensen

I'm a senior in the Digital Media Program at WCTA. I've taken photography, video production, and graphic design classes over the last four years. I've learned so much in so little time and I love seeing how my skills and ideas have developed over time. I can't wait to see what this year has in store!

Eric Mildenhall Placeholder.png

Eric Mildenhall

I'm ecstatic to have the opportunity this year to be an Intern. As a senior in the Digital Media Program, I have learned a lot over my three years here at West Tech, and continue to learn more. I am excited to be able to learn and apply new skills to be used in situations that more closely resemble the professional world outside of high school.

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