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The interns for the Public Education Foundation are responsible for gallery shows.  They are the ones who mat and frame the images seen in the gallery.  The interns also create the inventory, artist statements, and name and price tags.  They also are the ones who hang the show, host the show, and take down the show.  This is a great opportunity because they now have the experience of maintaining a gallery show.

2016-2017 The Public Education Foundation Interns

Brittany Moon

I am Alexandra Tockoski, I am a senior at West Career and Technical Academy. Through the internship opportunity provided by Mrs Pavesich, I have been able to have many experiences that I would not otherwise have been exposed to. We have gained experience in preparation of galleries (matting and framing), hanging galleries, managing activities with groups of people, managing a website, and a variety of other responsibilities. In the future, I plan on entering the photography and design field and I feel as though this internship has prepared me for that.

I am Brittany Moon and I'm a senior at WCTA and I'm in the Digital Media Program. I'm incredibly thankful for the opportunity to work for Mrs.Pavesich and the Public Education Foundation. I've learned so many new things through this internship that will help me with my photography career in the future. During this internship I've had the chance to learn how to run and hang a gallery. This has been one of the best learning opportunities I've had. 

I'm Madeline Mancini, and I'm a senior year at West Tech. Working for Mrs Pavesich and the Public Education Foundation has been an amazing opportunity; through it, I'm able to be a part of the behind the scenes work of the photo program, whether it be editing the website or hanging up gallery work. This internship has also been particularly helpful for me, as I plan to go into the photography and graphic design field for my college education and work.

My name is Lucie Arnold and I am a senior in the Digital Media program.  In the Digital Media program, I am focusing on photography. I am a photography intern for Mrs Pavesich for The Public Education Foundation.  I love being a photography intern because I have learned new things about photography and communication skills.  During this internship, we have learned how to mat and frame images along with getting to hang and run an art gallery.  This is a great experience and one of my best decisions that I have made.

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