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2016-2017 The Public Education Foundation Interns

Stav Levaton

My name is Jasel Layson and I am a senior in the Digital Media program at West Career & Technical Academy.  As an intern for Mrs. Pavesich and the Public Education Foundation, I am able to gain work experience in an environment that I could potentially see myself working in. Through this internship, I have learned a lot of valuable skills like working with a team and communication. I am eternally grateful to be given the chance to be a photography intern, and I’m sure this experience will benefit me in my future endeavors.

I am Stav Levaton, and I’m a senior in WCTA in the Digital Media program. I am grateful for the opportunity of being an intern for the Public Education Foundation this year. This internship has taught me many things that will aid me in the future. I have learned how to hang and run an art gallery, and I have gained useful communication and teamwork skills. I have also gotten to improve on my photographic skills. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity that I will never forget.

I’m Songee Pak, and I am a senior in the Digital Media program at West Career and Technical Academy. I have been lucky enough to be provided with an internship with the Public Education Foundation through Ms. Pavesich. I have gained work experience to by working with professional people and was able to learn how to run a gallery. I also gained skills to work with people contribute to a final product. It was a pleasure to work with an incredible non-profit organization and be able to work with a team. It was an amazing opportunity that I am grateful to have experienced.

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