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AP 2D Art & Design

This one-year course facilitates highly motivated students in the creation of a college level portfolio of two-dimensional art with design focus. Through any  2-D process or medium, students create works that demonstrate a range of understanding and fundamental mastery of 2-D visual concerns and methods. Students should expect to work an additional four to six hours outside of class each week. Exact requirements may change and are specified by the College Board see link below. Course Skills AP Art and Design skills categories delineate overarching understandings central to the study and practice of art and design.  While some skills are not directly assessed within the portfolio exams, they are essential for supporting students’ success with the portfolio. All 15 skills of the course framework should be taught, practiced, developed, and assessed from the beginning of the course until its conclusion. These skills are long-term learning goals addressed throughout the course as students develop knowledge and abilities specified in the learning objectives and accompanying essential knowledge statements.

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