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Student Reflections


"AP Photography gave me an unbelievable edge when entering the Interior Architecture program I enrolled in. Not only did I have a great sense of time management and portfolio development, but I also was able to assist my graphics professor with the Photoshop lessons. Although I didn't earn college credit, I received experience that was much more valuable than three extra credits on my transcript."

-Rachel A.



"Taking AP 2D Studio Art, in my opinion, was a really good decision. The final portfolio that you build throughout the year, if done well, is a huge accomplishment. I feel more prepared in my college photography classes because now I am used to the workload and the quality of work that is expected. Taking the class is a lot of work, but it is most definitely worth it."

-April P.



"I've always felt very grateful for having studied "photography" and "sculpture" through the lenses of 2D and 3D design that AP provides. It was the beginning of a foundation of skills that I continued to build on throughout my study of architecture and design in college. While my particular school didn't grant credits for AP classes, the skills I had learned certainly gave me a leg up in studio from both a critical, aesthetic standpoint as well as a technical one. Professionally, I continue to use Adobe Creative Suite daily and have become an asset to my employers for my decisive design sensibilities. Of all the courses I took in high school, AP 2D and 3D design easily had the greatest impact upon me, and very much provide the foundation for a real world skillset that is broadly applicable."

-Keenan K.



"Going through AP studio was one of the toughest classes I had experienced throughout my senior year. Finding the motivation to keep creativity flowing to grow in my AP portfolio was my most difficult challenge yet. And as a senior, it was no surprise that senioritis was kicking in 24/7. But as soon as we had turned in our portfolio, I had the most relieved feeling I had all year. Knowing that you can reach the finish line after a long uphill climb with the push of Ms. P, makes it all worth it. Receiving a 5 on my portfolio didn't just allow me to use the credit at UNLV, it has also opened my eyes to a new level of potential I didn't know I had."

-Dominique N.



"In regards to my year in AP photo and the outcome of my work, I feel incredibly accomplished. Despite the fact that I turned things in late and drove Mrs. Pavesich insane, being able to look at my computer screen at 3 am after a stressful couple of hours and see a piece that had that feeling of completion... It was something else. Creating a piece of art (dare I call it art?) with your own imagination is something that you don't easily forget, it came out of your mind and is the fruit of all of your countless mistakes during the creating process. As far as college goes, i'm disappointed because I didn't take a photography class due to conflicts with work and not being able to afford a camera, but I regularly take photos on friends cameras and keep my creative eye working. I honestly will never be "done" with photography, even if i'm shooting with a terrible cracked-lens iphone camera, I will always be "that guy" that says "hey, look at these photos I took/made, I tried really hard and i'm proud of how they turned out."

-Jesse A.



"AP prepared me for the amount of work that is expected from us within such a short time frame. It also taught me how to have constructive criticism and definitely put me ahead of the game from those that did not take AP."

-Roxee Z.



"A.P. Studio has definitely changed the way I think about digital and traditional art. As we worked on our portfolio emphasis, I was becoming more and more inspired by my own classmates’ work and also from the critiques that we had during class which greatly improved my creativity and quality of art. Creating a portfolio was actually pretty fun. It helped me prepare for college art classes as we added more and more to our resume and/or digital portfolio. It was also nice to finally have some artwork to show on my portfolio/website."

-Haley G.




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