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Clark County School District Photography Contest


Each of the CCSD schools with photography programs are invited to compete in this annual competition.

Over 15 schools entered over 367 photographs to be judged in 4 categories.  The work is on display at the Las Vegas PBS building for the months of May and June.




































Congratulations to Jeremy Kaminski BEST OF SHOW

Jeremy has taken home a Canon T5 camera for his win.














Congratulations to Simmy Voong 1st Place Special Techniques

Simmy has taken home an LED studio lighting kit for her win.


The CCSD photo contest is an assignment to submit best work to four specific categories. Students can turn in anything you think has even a slightest chanceof winning. The prizes are the best part! I enter because you never know what the judges like and you can have great rewards and more accomplishments to add to your resume. hi mum.

Simmy Voong 12

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