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SkillsUSA Photography 2015


Congratulations to Rachel Emig for winning 4th in the The Nevada Skills USA Photography Competition at the National level.  


Congratulations to Rachel Emig for winning The Nevada Skills USA Photography Competition the state level. 


Congratulations Rachel Emig and Jeremy Kaminski for successfully completing regional competition and advancing to state.


Jeremy Kaminski 12

In response to my experience at competing at the state level

I think I did the best on the conceptual because of the practice I've had with creating conceptual images for my AP portfolio.  I would like to thank the people who donated their time to give us advice on the competition. Yes I would do it again. If I could offer advise to future competitors I would say I feel it is important to know how to work under pressure and in a limited time frame.  Make sure they thoroughly read all of the instructions they're given because they might not be the same instructions they got in the regional competition. Spend more time preparing for the written test. Have them do a mock job interview right before going to state competition if they need more practice.


Rachel Emig - 1st Place Regional Winner

Jeremy Kaminski -  Placed




In preparation for the SkillsUSA Photography competition the CSN instructors at the Cheyenne campus created a studio workshop for high school students that were going to compete either this year or some time in the future.


6 students signed up to travel by school van to CSN to participate in this workshop and this is how they felt about the experience.


Jeremy Kaminski 12

I am participating in the Skills photography competition this year. We learned how to set up portrait lighting patterns such as split lighting and butterfly lighting and how to set the studio lights for the right exposure. My favorite part of the trip was when we learned about using hard and soft light for product photography.  I believe that photography field trips are valuable to take advantage of because they provide opportunities for things that we don't normally do in photography class. It would have been helpful if we could have worked with the studio equipment more ourselves instead of just watching presentations on how to use them.


Tati Lim 11

I am not familiar with studio photography at all. Subsequently, I decided to go on this field trip because not only would I be able to learn about lighting in studio photography, but it would also prepare me for skills competition next year if I do decide to compete. The most important thing I learned while in the workshop was the different types of lighting there are in studio photography and how to use them to my advantage at the competition.  My favorite part of the trip was actually walking through the campus halls and examining the photo art adorning the walls. It's always a pleasure viewing and admiring other people's work in photography especially if they are very talented. I hope to one day be able to shoot as well as many of them. The food photography section was definitely my favorite.  I do believe that field trips are a valuable experience because they allow students to see photography in action where the environment is appropriate and appealing. When dealing with photography, it is important for young photographers to be able to recognize what would look "good" in a photo- and environment has a great impact on that. I thought this trip was very helpful and informational. However, I do wish we had more hands-on activities.


Alex Jones 11

I am interested in competing in some sort of photography competition in SkillsUSA next school year.  I learned how to do product photography, and how to adjust your atmospheric cumulative light in a portrait to achieve proper exposure.  I learned why it is so important to know the different lighting patterns and the types of body/head shapes that need to create a certain pattern. My favorite part of the trip was when the guy showed us a cool way to add texture to the photo all while also bending the light by shining it through jars. We learn more about photography and are exposed to different shooting environments other than just the classroom or the school campus.


Rachel Emig 11

I wanted to get as much of a skills upper hand as I could. I learned how to do product photography, and how to adjust your atmospheric cumulative light in a portrait to achieve proper exposure. I loved seeing the hands on demonstrations of concepts we had only researched, such as light modifiers and using light boxes. I learned way more from this trip than I could've otherwise, given we had helpers with previous, extended experience that could help answer specific questions. I wish that we would get to train and have hands on practice in these areas on these trips.


Andre Salehain 10

I wanted to learn studio photography and also I might compete in SkillsUSA for photography next year. I learned about the 5 basic lighting techniques. Filed trips give you a chance to experience photography in new places. Whether it be learning or shooting they are both great to do elsewhere. Thanks for paying for lunch! Hope for more field trips! You're a great teacher!

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