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The Public Education Foundation Presents:

The Real Las Vegas 

Juror Statement

Shawn Hummel

This group exhibition of 33 artists explores the theme The “Real” Las Vegas. Works in the exhibition, all 2 dimensional in form, range from photography,paint, and video and from spiritual to documentary. This collection of works seeks to capture, suspend, even transcend a moment or series of events in and around this “place”. We are presented with images both real and composed: an arrow pointing to this particular place on this particular planet,  the “magic hour” that is unlike any other place or time, the beauty of our Mojave desert surroundings and “The Meadows” from which Las Vegas gets it’s name, the hard edges that are found just under the surface or around the corners, and the influence of human interaction and subsequent impact. All of the works share a common thread- perceptions of Las Vegas, what it means to live here, to explore here, to learn and grow here. The “Real” Las Vegas is as diverse as Las Vegas itself.

Click on the poster image above to go to The Real Las Vegas presentation and see all artists' works.

WCTA Students' Work

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