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The Public Education Foundation Gallery

CCSD Faculity and Staff Artists Show


*Click of the left show poster to go to a slide show of entires.

Clark County School District's faculty and staff were invited to enter the first ever gallery show displaying the talent of the adult population while working for the school district in come capacity finding time to create.

All work is for sale as marked in the gallery space which is located inside The Public Education Foundation and will be opened during normal business hours until the end of summer.

The Public Education Foundation is a huge supporter of the arts and is happy to announce the possibilities for this becoming a yearly event.

2016 CCSD Artist Show

Juror Statement,


What a great selection of work from which to choose. Rachel Rango and Brian DeCania were enthusiastic contributors, not only in numbers but in quality of work. I was drawn to Rachel’s urban work. While the variety of place and composition kept me exploring, the processing of the images added to the urban energy. Brian's work pulling toward nature is a nice balance to Rachel’s work. His classic composition of the Golden Gate Bridge caught at a perfect moment with the fog obscuring the top of the bridge and the fabulous sky in Red Skies over Red Rock were images I kept coming back to. These two should talk about collaborating on a show together.


I was drawn to the quality and energy of Elizabeth Ward’s bird piece. The pencil written text grabbed my attention and pulled me further into the piece, adding to the concept. Kyle Johnson’s Breakfast of Champions was a favorite. The classical statues with our childhood cereal was just fun, so much to explore throughout this triptych. The depth of the composited images kept me coming back to the humor found here. Amie Reneger’s piece Sydney is a curious one. I am looking forward to seeing it hung. The animal with human face leaves me with many questions. What is the relationship of this animal and person? Is there one? Is this animal what the artist believes represents her? Hmmmmmm.


These are things that drew my attention, things that have stuck with me, the pieces that made me think. The work that I have not seen explored to death will always make me take a second or third look. Keep Making art! It inspires our students as much as fulfills our youthful desires.


Heather Protz


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