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In A Word

Juror’s Statement


It has been said that a picture is worth a thousand words, but it can also be worth just one. Whether resulting from a visceral reaction to a powerful image or the pure emotion of a fading memory, In a Word represents the profound impact a piece of artwork can have on its viewer. Our current visual culture engages the viewer beyond words using a treasure trove of images -- created with a camera, an artist’s hands or simple brushstrokes. The selected artworks feature a concise efficiency, an ability to give you a single word, if any at all, to define what you are experiencing when interacting with the work. Using their surroundings or layering the words to create subtle undertones and meanings, the young visual artists chosen for In a Word used their voices to create a feast for the eyes. A feast our society increasingly responds to with visual answers – in some cases superseding the necessity for any words at all.


~Susan Silva

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