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Krayvings Pop Up Artist Show 2016

Krayvings located at 11770 W Charleston Blvd #150, Las Vegas, NV 89135 and

is currently running a series of Sunday arts pop up shows out in their courtyard.  We received a call from the manager who happened to be a WCTA Graduate asking if we would like to display/sell student work on any given Sunday. Of course all my senior students jumped on the chance to sell their work and make some much needed cash towards college funds.  It was a huge success and you can look for us next year.  Thank you Krayings for giving my students this invaluable opportunity to print, matt and display their own work in a professional environment.  This was an irreplaceable experience seeing high school students interact with the community having intelligent and insightful conversations about their personal creations and having the opportunity to sell them to a person that is interested in supporting young talent.  Awesome experience for all!

Senior Photography / AP 2D Design Studio Students


Gabby Brooks

Algelic Clark

Sammy Dazzio

Courtney Kozell

Elana Perez

Euel Tefera

Cortland Williams

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