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The Public Education Foundation Presents:


Juror Statement

Jason Isaac, Graphics Manager  

Cirque du Soleil

An award winning Graphic Designer, Art Director, and Creative Director. Over the course of his 10+ year career he has worked in both internal and external agencies. Jason has had the opportunity to create departments from the ground up, and grown others from interns to seasoned veterans.

"I've judged this like most other design and photography competitions. Each piece was selected on it's own merit rather than be based on a comparative method of select. The chosen pieces were either selected for execution, content, Lighting, layout or a combination multiple aspects. There were several talented entrees. However, The selection demonstrated something special." -Jason Isaac 

Click on the poster image above to go to the Perception presentation and see all artists' works.

WCTA Student Work

Opening Reception - October 9, 2017

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