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2018 The Mob Museum PBL Project with SWCTA Fashion

After creating a working relationship with the CEO of The Mob Museum I was able to meet with his team to create a project that I have had for years but have never had the right opportunity in place.  I would like to thank Jonathan Ullman the CEO of The Mob Museum for making this project happen!  I also need to thank SWCTA's Fashion Queen Shannon Sheldon and her team of awesome budding fashonistas.  My students were able to photograph in the New Speakeasy before it was finished with construction and open to the public.  This could not have happening in such an awesome manner without 3 of the most dedicated and talented photographers I know.  Rick Refner, Casey Jade, and Julie Ansel.  My students were able to work in a space using their skills they have learned from the CTE Photography POS.  It was an amazing day with amazing people and I have never been so proud of my students!

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