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2021 West Sahara Library "Women in Focus" Gallery

Student Reflections:


It was great to finally go on a field trip after so long. I enjoyed seeing the large variety of works there. Especially the photo taken by the woman who survived cancer. The fact that it was in her living room but it looked like a professional studio setting, just with some set up, and with such a unique angle, making it appear as if she was holding herself above the ground, was incredible. I also personally enjoyed the photo taken during the lockdown of Caesar's Palace. I love the Roman aesthetic. I also want to thank the five photographers as well as the Gallery Director who joined us. Your attention to detail while setting up and photography skills are incredible, and definitely contribute to what makes Women in Focus and the galleries so successful.

It was so great to see an exhibit dedicated to local women photographers! Each image had such a wonderful story behind them and seeing what people did over quarantine was so interesting. Thank you so much for having us and sharing your stories/advice. Hopefully I can drop in on a meeting sometime soon! 

Thank you for the opportunity to see the beautiful Women In Focus exhibit at the Sahara West Library. It was an amazing experience and was so fascinating to learn about different artists’ experiences with photography and how they came about creating the works that they chose to showcase at the event. I was especially enthralled by the photo that was motivated by the artist’s experience with cancer treatment. That photo, along with many others such as the photo of the Caesars Palace’s sculpture amidst the height of the pandemic were very thought-provoking as they began to make me wonder more about how other artists capture what is meaningful to them, and how I can find a more significant and personal reason to make art myself.

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