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2021 Guest Speaker - Tatiana Kouvatsous


Student Reflections:

I really enjoyed Tatiana's presentation, it was really informative. I feel far less fearful for college, especially knowing that I can change my major if I'm not satisfied and that I can transfer colleges and my credits will roll over. The tips about taking AP classes was definitely helpful. My biggest takeaway from this guest presentation was to try to take AP and honors classes to save money on college expenses.

On Friday we all had the pleasure of meeting Tatiana in class. She shared with us her experience in college while using the skills she used in photo, and how they helped her in her life. She showed us her personal work and why it was important to utilize our experience as photography students to land internships and even jobs. She taught me the importance of being a productive student in class. I really enjoyed her presentation skills as she seemed really confident and like she knew what she was doing. If I could tell her, I would inform her that we all appreciated her patience with us as some of us her hesitant to ask questions. She felt very welcoming and open. I also learned the difference between and in-person and an online college experience, it was clear that the in-person choice was ideal. All in all, I would love to see her present again and I wish her the best in her new job!

I was so amazed when Tatiana just casually mentioned she had done work for Pepsi and Heinz, that's so cool! She also seemed so confident and approachable which made her presentation so enjoyable. It was nice to hear about the difference between agency and company work as well because I'd never really thought about that before. Her information and experience with college and college apps was nice to hear because I feel like nobody in my life knows anything about it so getting to ask her some of my questions and hear about her experience was really helpful. She did a great job! 

A few memorable moments and things I took away from Tatiana's presentation was just how important networking and knowing people is. Getting that recognition and spreading the word about your work can you land you really amazing jobs in companies just like Tatiana did. I really enjoyed how she also talked about different ways to obtain scholarships and how having your portfolio ready and up date is integral. I enjoy listening to her stories and hope she comes again one day!

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