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2021 Guest Speaker - Veronica Cotter


Student Reflections:

I loved learning about the different textures of paper. I never realized how many different finishes a piece can have and how different it can make a piece of work look. I especially loved the textured postcards. The vintage feel of them was amazing, and there was a picture of Audrey Hepburn in the big booklet that I also really loved the finish of. I realized through her session that I prefer more textured paper rather than a very sleek shiny finish. I also liked hearing about her personal stories that made her realize how special photography is to her. The photo of her mom and the couch was really heartwarming. 

I received one of those paper samples before from another brand, but I didn't really look into it. The many different types of paper are astounding. I love how it changes the feel of the image depending on which paper you choose to print on. I think these would be useful if you wanted your work to be more professional or make more of an impact. I was inspired by how she made postcards & recipes with the papers.

A few memorable moments from our guest speaker Veronica Cotter was just how many different types of paper there are. There was so many to choose from and the variety of artwork really made me appreciate paper more. I enjoyed how passionate she was about how to put up artwork and how different types of paper really effect the presentation of printed pieces of art. It was really enjoyable to touch and really feel the paper and see which ones I liked the best. I hope to see her again one day!

I honestly had no idea so much thought could go into paper, and how much it could affect the image printed on it. Veronica opened my eyes to the possibilities in terms of paper choice for prints and I will definitely experiment with that in the future. The other ways the paper was used as well was very interesting, such as the food photo with the recipe on the back, or the post cards with their own photos on it. The photo containers that one can use to carry a portfolio around seemed very neat as well, and a great way to get your name out into the industry at a convention or some similar event. Overall the presentation was very informative and I will be brainstorming ideas on how to implement these creative types of paper into my projects this coming year.  

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