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2021 Guest Speaker - Jesse Hallen


Student Reflections:

I really enjoyed listening to Jesse talk about his creations and artistic view. When he first showed us some of his works, I was in awe because they are so creative and so many aspects of design like vibrance, angles, shapes, etc. were used and it all came together to create a unique piece. Jesse talked a lot about how freelance is a very freeing lifestyle and how if you want to go into the more creative side of things regarding your career, then you should. This really resonated with me because I plan on going into the medical field, but I have always wanted to do something creative for my career. 

I learned that when working in the film/art industry everyone has different ideas of what art is. I also learned that it is very competitive and there is really no time to slack off when it comes to working in the Industry. You always have to start somewhere in order to get to the top or the position you want. He told us that this also really relates to any career path or job. Jesse did an amazing job at explaining what the field is like. Now we have an idea of what it is like. He did a great job of answering the questions and helped motivate those who are going into that field to work harder! 

I definitely connected with him when he showed us his pictures and his experience in high school. I like how he did what he liked to do most. It brought him to being able to take care of himself in the long run and loving the job he does. His pictures inspired me to try harder and to pay attention more. He said he learned what most of his work was in high school. Therefore, I should learn everything I can now and perfect later. 

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