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Eldorado Canyon, Nelson NV 2016

This years photography trip to Eldorado Canyon was funded by the The Outside Nevada Grant for transportation and CTE.  This allowed WCTA Photography students the luxury of traveling in a charter bus and also gave us the time allotted to both participate in the mine tour and have the opportunity to photograph. Photography students had the opportunity to photograph in available light the Historic Eldorado Mines and surrounding area.

The Target Fields Trip Grant made it possible for this trip to happen THANKS TARGET!

I had never gone on this field trip before and I thought it would be a great opportunity to take pictures for my AP portfolio

- Gabrielle Brooks

I learned that it's really important to have your camera on and ready because you never know when you will miss the perfect opportunity to a really great picture.

Jasel Layson

Field Trips gives you an opportunity to take pictures where you normally don't get to go

-Abby Lords










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