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Eldorado Student Reflections


Jayden Key

Photo 2

I had been to the location before, but not with a good camera. I knew that there would be a ton of amazing photo opportunities, and there definitely were. I also had a few friends that were going so that helped. I learned how to manipulate my photos with different camera settings to get different effects, more than what I already knew. I also learned some very interesting facts about the site and the history behind it. My favorite part of the trip was walking around in the little town setup and finding the little interesting things to photograph. I got quite a few good pictures. I believe field trips are very valuable as a photographer because they help get you out of your normal environment and give you new material and subjects to photographs and help you better yourself as a photographer.




Rachel Emig

Photo 2

I want to take every opportunity I could to attend any field trip to expand my skills. You've got to learn to work with the environment, because you won't  always be able to change any element you want. Going through the caves and learning more about the location and site was the best part of the trip. Field trips allow us to implement skills at cool locations and give us opportunities we wouldn't have otherwise.



Nicole Benson

Photo 1

I'm really interested in photography and it seemed like a great place to take pictures.To always listen to the people in charge and to have a high ISO when you are shooting in the dark.I really liked looking inside the old buses and the plane. Also, the mine tour was really fun and I learned a lot of historical information from it.Yes, I think that going on field trips is important to the people who want to take it up as a career. It helps prepare them.



Sammy Dazzio

Photo 3

I personally like Eldorado Canyon and saw the trip as a good photo shoot opportunity. I learned to pay attention to my surroundings, so I don't miss anything to photograph, instructions, etc.I enjoyed talking to the people who work/live there. YES field trips in photography are valuable. It is an opportunity to shoot. For me that is valuable with my tight schedule.



Alexandra Dvorsky

Photo 1

This was a great opportunity to take photos outside of my front and backyard. I learned in this experience that ISO is important.  To produce better quality photos in dark your ISO should be considerably high. My favorite part was getting to go in the mine and seeing all of the different things. I also really liked the buses we traveled in. I think field trips in photography class  are a very valuable experience because you are getting to go and see things you normally may not be able to and  maybe go places you never would think of and it lets your imagination roam free and produce interesting pictures.



Amanda Cordoza

Photo 2

I wanted to attend this field trip because I thought it would be a great opportunity to take pictures outside of Las Vegas. Also, an old mining town sounded perfect for my theme shoot.The most important thing I learned there was how popular the place is for professional photographers to do modeling or other sorts of projects. My favorite part of the field trip was experiencing all the antiques, the mining cave, and being able to see history preserved as if it was still in that time period. I believe that field trips are a valuable experience to photography because it gives students the chance to go outside of their comfort zone and explore more interesting places to be able to take more interesting pictures.I hope that future photo student will be able to keep going to Eldorado and experience the beautiful and unique atmosphere.


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