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Kyle Saca / Terrible Casino

Opened:  December 6, 2000


Closed: It wasn’t closed, but renamed the Silver Sevens in mid-2013.



The hotel was originally opened in 1981 as the Continental Hotel, but then was bought and renamed to Terrible’s. The reason that the Herbst Family acquired it is because both the Station and Coast casinos claimed that it was too small to be worth it in the end. Yet, the other smaller companies couldn’t afford it because it was too large.

Jaquelyn Hodge / Fitzgerald

Location: Downtown Las Vegas

Historical Dates (open-close): open 1979 /close 2012


The owner Derek Stevens had bought the casino in 2011 in wanting to change its name and to change it a bit, so it can be more attractive to the crowd.

The hotel ended up being called, “The D.”

The D in the name stands for downtown, therefore the casino is in downtown Las Vegas, and it’s also an homage to his hometown Detroit and acknowledgement of his nickname.

The D is an example of modernizing the Fremont Street from the vintage style of Las Vegas. 

Kaitlyn Ku / Nevada Palace

Location: 5255 Boulder Highway Las Vegas, Nevada 89122

Dates: Opened in July 1979 – Closed February 29, 2008


Czapla was 69 when he started working at the 15,000-square-foot casino in March 1989. But he is not sure he will fit in at the new $250 million Eastside Cannery and its 65,000-square-foot casino, under construction since April behind the building. Wortman has co-owned Nevada Palace, a Boulder Highway grind joint with 100 hotel rooms, since 1985. As he makes his way through the property, many people know him simply as Bill. As longtime customers and employees approach him to say hello, Wortman addresses many by their first names. He listens intently as they discuss their jobs, their hopes and their plans.

Alison Gentner / Binion

The Binion’s Horseshoe was from the Binion’s casino at 128 Fremont Street, Las Vegas. It opened in 1951 when Benny Binion bought the property. He turned it into a casino where people could gamble, eat, and drink. The Horseshow Club soon became the first real gambling club in Las Vegas where people came to from all over. It was the first casino to give transportation to its guests to and from the airport. The World Series of Poker began at Binion’s, and although the event isn’t held there today anymore, it is still poker-famous to guests. The casino was purchased by TLC Casino Enterprises in 2008, and continues to draw guests in today.

Max Sher / Lady Luck

Location: The Lady Luck used to be in the heart of downtown Las Vegas. It was located on 3rd street which, at the time, was a very central area of the city.

Open: The Lady Luck opened in 1964

Close: CIM Group bought the casino in 2007, and closed the Lady Luck permanently. In 2008, the casino would reopen as The Downtown Grand

Jeremy Kaminski / O'Sheas

- Location: Las Vegas Strip, within the Quad Resort and Casino

- (1989- April 2012, reopened in December 2013)

- Was featured in the movie Vegas Vacation.

-  O’Sheas made it into the 2001 Guinness Book of World Records for having the largest crowd of 220 people participate in a toast.

- O’Sheas was closed and relocated in 2012-2013 as a part of The LINQ project.


Jones / Jerry's Nugget

Location: North Las Vegas
Opening: 1964

Closing: 1982

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