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Las Vegas Doc CSN Trip 2016

Las Vegas Documentary is a course offered at the College of Southern Nevada in which students document the city they live in.  We are lucky enough to partner with their instructor Heather Protz.  WCTA photography students have the opportunity to photograph the Fremont Street area of Downtown Las Vegas. The partnership we have developed allows high school photography students to work with college level photography students to discuss and model different techniques and compositions while keeping a historical gallery of images.


Heather Protz Photography (Click here)


The LV Document Site (click here)

Field Trips are valuable experiences because they allow students to photograph new locations that they may not be able to visit on their own time.

My favorite part was all of the murals I got to see. Each of them were unique in their own way and were full of color. I was overjoyed with how many of them there were and all of the cool photographs I got from them.

My supervisors made everything so fun and interesting. They showed me so many cool things and that you should take pictures of everything because you never know if you're going to see it again.

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