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LV DOC Reflections


Caroline Thuet

Photo 2

I wanted to be able to practice street photography while learning from the experienced guides that were leading the field trip. I also hoped to practice new angles and a new perspective.I learned not to just take a photo of something--but add a new element to make it unique and completely your own.My favorite part was photographing the wall murals. The bright colors contrasted with the dirt of the city and the everyday cars was fun to capture.Yes! They are very valuable--you can learn all you want in a classroom but if you do not go out and practice what you learn then it is all for waste.I really enjoyed the field trip and I hope to be able to attend next year!


Hannah Geeser

Photo 1

I wanted to get more practice in the field with photography. I also wanted to get to know my camera a little better and how it works in different lightings and settings.I learned that there is a lot to photograph and that there will always be details and subjects I miss when I go out and shoot or even am walking around.I loved getting to know my guides and learning tips from them on how to control my camera and my photos.I definitely believe that field trips are valuable. There is a huge difference between sitting at a computer and reading about settings, and physically shooting it.I loved this field trip. It was so valuable and worth it! I can't wait to do more.


Maddie Sher

Photo 1

I love photography, I wanted to learn from professionals, and I needed more photos for my composition shoot. I learned when to use what iso (i probably should have known earlier). I also learned a cool technique for taking photos of a light and making the shutter really slow and zooming the lens while taking it so the light expands.I loved the experience because the experience of going somewhere new and learning new things is great.


Summer Darden

Photo 1

I've been to fremont before and all of the different art that is scattered around the experience is absolutely amazing, especially being able to manipulate it in photoshop, give it different effects. I also haven't finished my composition shoot yet and I think that the fremont experience was way more interesting to shoot than my house or a park. to always be aware of my surroundings. constantly look behind me to see if i missed any chances for a great photo.Exploring the street of fremont and seeing all the interesting art it has to offer. yes because it's not everyday that we can go off campus and shoot in different areas of vegas.


Tory Catteneo

Photo 2

I thought it would be really cool to be able to take photos of the parts of Fremont Street that you don't usually see. I was also excited to be able to ask the college students about their opinions and get their help to get the best possible photo. I learned that you don't always have to photograph the most obvious thing to have the best effect. More often than not, the more unique and different your photo is, the more attention it will bring. It is the simple details that can make your photography impressive. My favorite part of the trip was getting feedback from the college photographers, as well as my own peers. We all took photos in relatively the same place, but we all had extremely different photos when we were done. And we were all there to help each other come out with the best product. I do believe that field trips are valuable and should be taken advantage of in photography class. This is because we had the ability to go and capture an exciting moment in time that we had the ability to experience. We don't always have the opportunity to take photos in a cool location, so when we do it really brings out our inner creativity.




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