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I had never been and I had seen really cool pictures from my peers that they had taken in the past. I thought this would be a great opportunity to expand my AP portfolio. Many of the photos I took are in my portfolio now. 


Gabrielle Brooks

I had the opportunity to go on this field trip so I went, I also went on the trip last year and wanted to get the experience to take new photos and compare the signs to how they looked a year ago.


Alexandra Dvorsky


I was invited to join the adventure at the Neon Boneyard so I decided to join because I thought it would be a good experience. I was able to take really cool pictures and I'm really happy about how they turned out


Ethan Schutze

In photography, we often don't have very unique subjects to take pictures of. This field trip gave us the opportunity to photograph something that not many others have gotten the chance to. I would love to go again sometime and see the other signs, as we only got to see some of them.


Max Sher


The trip to the neon museum was a very unique experience. Although I live in Las Vegas and see the vast array of neon lights often, taking a walk through the history of some of the hotels and signs was very cool. From the differences in the light bulb designs to the changes in designs throughout the times, the overall exhibit was very unique and an excellent photography opportunity. The exhibit was very clean and organized and we were given much freedom when it came to photographing the signs. It was a great experience and I would happily go again if given the chance.


Jaden Key

After being apart of the Neon Museum field trip, I was very impressed on how the old signs were stored, kept in good condition, and how many of them I remembered from my childhood. I do enjoy witnessing vintage items and how they produce an old feel to the artistic eye. I always admired incorporating that vintage and grunge/run-down look to my photos and other art projects and was glad that I have had this opportunity to do so.


Amanda Cordoza




I wanted to go on this field trip because I was interested in seeing the old signs from past hotels and restaurants. It was so neat to see signs that were actually used in old Las Vegas.


Julia Nash

I have always wanted to visit the Neon Museum, but I have never gotten a chance to go nor time for that matter. I am very happy I was able to go and I'm pleased about how my pictures turned out. 


Lisa Ly

I decided to go on this field trip because I looked it up online and thought it would be a great place to take pictures. I'm so glad I did because my pictures turned out great


Zach Eakman


I really enjoyed the trip to the neon museum. I think that I learned a lot while on the trip, such as shooting on site techniques, as well as used some of the previous knowledge I obtained in class. I was able to get some really amazing pictures while there. The trip was beneficial to my education as far as photography goes while also being entertaining, I hope I'm able to attend another field trip in the future.


Alexis Jones

I loved the Neon Museum shoot! I hadn't visited the museum before and there where a lot of cool signs! I really enjoyed the fact that we could pretty much shoot whatever we wanted. Also, I am excited to make a video about the field trip! Thanks for letting me come!


I hope to go on more field trips in the future!





My experience at the Neon Boneyard was interesting from practicing more on taking close ups for pictures. There was a lot of patterns and textures I was able to capture that was really helpful for my principles. It was a small environment, but there was a lot of things you could take pictures of. You could get millions and millions of different pictures there with doing different angles and different close ups. That is what I loved the most about it.


Jaquelyn Hodge


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