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The Clark County School District Community Partnership department had offered the Photography program here at WCTA to attend a field trip to the Sahara West Library to visit the Linda Alterwitz Photography Exhibit.  This trip was awarded to our photography program as one of 10 trips being offered to CCSD schools. Students have had the opportunity to view Linda’s work as a part of the STEAM program meshing science, technology and the arts.



Linda Alterwitz    |    Visual Artist    |    2015


Through photography, I embrace science and technology to expose the fragility of our bodies. Although our bodies are impermanent, I remain in awe of human persistence. At the most challenging times in life, we can find the ability to reach beyond our struggles and fears.  “While I Am Still” sheds light on the beauty and fear that complicate human lives and the search for solid ground.


Inspired by an MRI of my own brain, and in an effort to isolate myself from the cold sterile feelings typically associated with these images, I began to see beauty in medical images.  This experience launched my interest in working with medical imagery, which evolved into a universal examination of the boundaries that exist between art and science.  Comparing what is seen through our unaided eyes verses what is revealed using instruments of high technology never fails to fascinate me and provide new ideas for future imagery.


The figure is the main subject in my photographs because of its connections to our human psyche, which is the primary focus of my work. The natural world is another subject that I often use in my work. My relationship to nature represents to me not only a place of peace and sanctuary, but it also serves to counterbalance my obsession with scientific objectivism.


As an artist, I find insight by reaching inside my mind and my imagination.  I also look to the creative and technical work of others in diverse fields for inspiration. 


For me, the process of making photographs is often times both frightening and calming. I don’t intend for the imagery to provide clarity; rather, it is my hope that my photographs will inspire questions. 

Student Reflections (click here)



Student Documentation of the Event

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